Harmonious Haven: 8-Day Deep Reset Yoga Retreat in South Goa, India


Experience the true essence of harmony and serenity in this extraordinary 8-day journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation within the heart of South Goa, India.

Wellness Yoga Retreat in Goa India

In search of an idyllic escape, one can’t help but be drawn to the mesmerizing shores of South Goa, India. Nestled within the pristine natural beauty of this coastal paradise, a truly harmonious haven awaits those yearning for respite. This 8-day retreat beckons individuals to embrace serenity and balance in the tranquil embrace of the blue Arabian Sea.

This retreat is a meticulous fusion of ancient wisdom and modern well-being, carefully designed to harmonize rituals, restorative practices, relaxation, and pure bliss. It’s an invitation to leave behind the daily grind and rekindle the connection to one’s heart, body, and soul.

Surrounded by untouched natural beauty, the retreat’s eco-lodge is nestled amongst native palm trees on its private oceanfront stretch. A rocky mountain cove, kissed by the warm waters of the Arabian Sea, makes it the ultimate sanctuary for a week of unadulterated bliss.

Imagine waking up to the crashing waves of the Arabian Sea, savoring panoramic sea views from the comfort of your private cabana’s balcony, and then embarking on a journey of self-discovery through mindful movement and meditation.

Throughout the stay, guests have the privilege of immersing themselves in a wide array of yoga practices, accommodating everyone from beginners to seasoned practitioners. From general yoga to restorative, yin, hatha, vinyasa, nidra, and Jivamukti yoga, each session is expertly crafted to provide a harmonious blend of nurturing and invigoration.

Dining is a delight for the senses as well as the body, with a delectable menu that caters to various dietary preferences. The retreat serves up a sumptuous selection of vegetarian, organic, gluten-free, and vegan meals, ensuring that your body is nurtured from the inside out.

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What to Expect?

With this Deep Reset Retreat, you’re in control of your experience. Each day begins with an oceanfront yoga and meditation session after a refreshing morning juice. Two daily yoga classes, except for one rest day, are included. You’ll also have the chance to volunteer at an animal shelter, explore Karnataka, and hike to a jungle waterfall.

For meals, enjoy fresh fruit and coffee. Brunch offers a buffet of fresh, local, vegetarian options that change daily. Dinners vary with fresh salads and veggie curries, concluding with a special beach farewell dinner and a dance party under the stars. Lunch is your opportunity to explore local restaurants and snacks. Flexibility and rejuvenation await; book your retreat now!


  • Daily oceanfront yoga and meditation sessions
  • Fresh fruit and coffee to kickstart your day
  • Two yoga classes per day (except for one rest day)
  • Excursions to volunteer at an animal shelter, explore Karnataka, and hike to a jungle waterfall
  • Daily brunch with a changing variety of fresh, local, and vegetarian options
  • Dinners featuring fresh salads and veggie curries, with a special farewell dinner 

About the Location: 8-Day Yoga Retreat at Polem Beach, Goa

Goa Wellness Retreat

Nestled in the pristine landscapes of South India, Polem Beach emerges as the southernmost jewel in the crown of Goa. Here, where the Goan coastline meets the shores of Karnataka, you’ll find a secluded paradise untouched by the hustle and bustle of tourists. It’s a haven for those yearning for solitude and self-discovery.

As you walk along this mesmerizing 700-meter stretch of pristine sand, the vast expanse of the ocean unfolds before you, sparkling in shades of blue. The only faces you’ll encounter are the fellow retreaters and the local fishermen, adding an air of exclusivity to your experience.

Polem Beach boasts towering rocky cliffs that enhance its natural allure. It’s a place for swimming and sunbathing, with a unique feature – you can spot dolphins gracefully leaping in the waves and white-bellied fish eagles soaring above, right from the beach.

Unlike many secluded Goan beaches, here you’ll find a few charming shacks offering beachside relaxation and snacks. Beyond the beach, there are waterfalls, temples, and islands waiting to be explored, making this location a true treasure trove of experiences.

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Bamboo Yoga Retreat Accommodations:

Accommodation retreat in Goa

Your retreat experience unfolds in the embrace of Bamboo Yoga Retreat, an enchanting beachfront sanctuary nestled on Polem Beach. The retreat center boasts three open-air, ocean-facing yoga shalas, offering soul-nourishing vistas of the ocean. The bamboo beach bungalows, each with en-suite facilities, are set directly on the white sandy beach, granting you breathtaking sea views.

Relax in your hammock to the soothing serenade of ocean waves and savor wholesome organic meals, fresh fruits, and invigorating juices daily. The experience extends to rituals, massages, sunshine, excursions, and more, ensuring a holistic journey to renewal.

Choose between shared or private rooms, all facing the ocean and cocooned in the seclusion of a jungle oasis. And yes, every room gazes out upon its own private and secluded beach.

Wellness Retreat Hosts: Nicole Windle and Ally Kendall 

Nicole Windle and Ally Kendall are your yoga journey companions. Nicole, a Yoga Alliance-certified instructor, embarked on her yoga odyssey in Goa, India, delving into the traditions of Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Mudra, and meditation. Her skill lies in fusing various yoga styles to create classes that are both enjoyable and powerful. She’s all about healing, not competition, with a focus on Vinyasa flow and yin yoga, harmoniously blending the Yin and Yang elements. Nicole’s expertise extends to healing practices she’s acquired during her travels in India and Thailand, offering serenity for your mind, body, and soul. 

On the other hand, Ally Kendall initiated her yoga quest in 2016, leaving her Canadian roots behind. After obtaining her 200-hour teacher training certificate in the jungles of Guatemala, she boldly quit her job to become a volunteer yoga teacher. Ally’s journey has taken her across continents, from Thailand to Mexico, Europe, India, Asia, and Indonesia. She’s explored various cultures, practices, and traditions, gaining profound insights into the essence of yoga and its transformative power. Together, they’ll be your guides on this unique yoga adventure.

Contact: nicolewindleyoga@gmail.com


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