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    What to Know About Self-Destructive Behaviors?

    Self-destructive behaviors such as over-eating or alcohol consumption are our coping mechanisms to problems that are deeply rooted in our psychology. To break free from this cycle of self-destruction, we must first acknowledge the destructive nature of these behaviors.

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    Is Self-Destructive Behavior a Mental Illness?

    While self-destructive behavior is not considered a mental illness itself, it is often associated with underlying mental health conditions such as anxiety-related disorders. Individuals with these conditions may engage in self-destructive behaviors as a way to cope with intense emotions, alleviate distress, or regain a sense of control.

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    How to Stop Self-Destructive Behaviors?

    Self-destructive behaviors are actions that are harmful and done either consciously or unconsciously. To stop self-destructive behaviors, it is important to recognize and acknowledge the behavior, identify triggers and underlying causes, and replace self-destructive habits with healthier alternatives.